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Biolocator SEZUAL is a vision based on active sound bio location that creates high-quality visual images in the brain of a blind person



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SEZUAL device was shortlisted in the prestigious contest World Summit Awards supported by the United Nations

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Our partners Get Braille persue the mission to bring accessable .....


The World Intellectual Property Organization has recognized SEZUAL as a discovery, invention, industrially applicable, and categorized it as a full substitute for vision

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SEZUAL company received grants funding from the World Bank Fostering Productive Innovation Project. The World Bank's official blog published an article about our device as one of the success stories in Kazakhstan

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Within fundraising initiative of the team Chevron Tengiz Expansion - Tengizchevroil has supported the project with funding to provide Braille self tutorial devices for blind children in Atyrau


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A Kazakh start-up helps the blind – through echolocation

Although bats can see, many species have evolved an unusual way to fly and hunt in the dark—echolocation. To do so, they emit ultrasonic sound waves that bounce off objects and navigate using the resulting echoes. Dolphins use a similar technique.


Meet Sezual, the Kazakh start-up bringing echolocation to the blind and visually impaired

Restoring the ability of the blind to see is the stuff of myth and science fiction, but one start-up from Kazakhstan hopes to be able to use technology to stimulate echolocation in humans, enabling the blind and visually impaired with the same kind of vision...

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Tech breakthroughs highlight Kazakhstan's growing links with Southeast Asia

Kazakh scientists recently made a breakthrough by creating a 3D visualization tool that helps blind people ‘see’. However, to take the technology to the next level, they are relying on Kazakhstan’s strong relations with Southeast Asia—and Singapore in particular.

Giving Light and Hope to People with Visual Impairments

Our Mission

The world without barriers for blind and visually impaired people with the best support and tools to realize the potential of every individual for the benefit of our society.

Our Vision

To give visually impaired and blind people the technology to integrate into society, get confidence through learning, and have more opportunities to participate in social, family, economic, and community life


Sustainable Development Goals

Our work for blind people is in line with global efforts to achieve 8 out 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.​

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